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Our Journey of hormonal healing and fertility

I continue to follow with the Full GAPS protocol. If you have read my story, a few years back, my health took a turn for the worse. I was diagnosed with IBS, inability to gain weight, and nutritional sensitivities. I became more and more sensitive to foods that I could no longer tell what I was reacting to. Fast forward, after a long and difficult journey on GAPS my life is completely changed and I’ve never felt better. I still have more healing to happen, but my life is no longer consumed by my symptoms and I am so beyond grateful.

I had finally decided to stop taking my hormonal birth control. I was placed on the contraceptive pill at the young age of 16 due to very painful and heavy periods. Little did I know back then how such a tiny pill would later have such a huge impact on my health and lead me down this path of contributing to me desperately needed healing. Out of pure fear of painful & terrorizing periods returning, I put off stopping my pill for a very long time. I was constantly dreading the fact that if I stopped taking it, I would end up bed-bound with horrible cramps and unable to function along with the crazy mood swings.

Dr. Natasha states, “Contraceptive pills, or The Pill, are something many women take for many years, often from a very young age. This group of drugs has a devastating effect on the gut flora.”

I finally took the leap of faith and stopped the pill. I knew it was what was best for my health and continued healing and it was time to take the leap. My hormones started regulating and with some supplemental changes with additional support of magnesium, I was having pain-free periods for the first time in my entire life.

A few months later we were in the process of moving, which is a lot of stress in itself. I remember thinking to myself, I feel like my period should come any day now. And it did not come. I simply associated it with the stress of moving and my body and emotions causing this and went on my merry way. I noticed I was a little bit higher strung than usual, but I figured it was just a little bit of PMS as my cycle would be starting soon.

Rewind to when we were trying to conceive baby #2. We struggled with fertility. We tried for about a year until we were able to conceive. We had pregnancy test after disappointing pregnancy test. Ovulation test strips, the works. The trying and failing was emotionally waring and I was slowly losing hope. But then about a year later we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test and our beautiful son who just recently turned 3 years old.

It is not uncommon for those with gut dysbiosis to struggle with hormones & fertility.

One day, I ran into Target, my favorite place, and thought to myself, “I’ll just grab a test just to be sure”. Went home, peed on a stick, and absolutely thought with certainty it would be negative. Within 2 seconds, it showed two positive lines. I immediately panicked and cried. We were not even trying or really thinking about baby #3. But here we were. After the flood of emotions subsided and clarity came into play, I felt a calm in this blessing in disguise. Did we recently get rid of all of our baby things? You betcha. But that is the ironic part in all of it and we need to find humor in life as this is what makes it fun. My husband was beyond calming as I told him the news in tears and we welcomed this new chapter with anticipation, hope, and a little bit of fear.

Let me explain to you, what has been going on in my noggin as of lately. I went into the GAPS protocol due to my numerous health issues and digestive issues that were taking a toll on my life. I was malnourished, wasting away, and I was very sick. I thought I was dying at one point. I still do Full GAPS to this day and I have been able to heal so many aspects of my health and digestion, anxiety, I could talk about it for days (see more of my story in this post here).

When I found out I was pregnant, an array of emotions and worry flooded over me. I thought how am I going to do this when I have more healing that needs to take place? Will I be able to gain enough weight? Will I get enough calories? What am I going to do? Will the pregnancy delay any more healing that my body needed that has not been addressed? The list goes on.

It is natural to have questions and concerns. But we have to remember to re-group and take a step back. We must reassure ourselves that we are providing our bodies and our babies with the most nutrient dense foods possible and preparing them and their microbiomes to flourish the way God intended. We must trust the healing and trust our bodies, which can do amazing things when we give it the tools it needs to flourish and heal.

Throughout our pregnancy so far, baby is thriving and doing wonderfully. I am gaining weight as I continue with the Full GAPS diet and I am doing superbly well.

I just wanted to share with you a little bit about what is going on over here and to encourage you that life takes us by surprise sometimes! We just have to take things one day and one step at a time. We are all human. We have moments and days of doubt that creep up on us. It is okay to go through these ups and downs in life and during healing. More to come on my own journey of continuing GAPS while pregnant! God’s plans are bigger than our own! I am here to support you on your journey and in those times of ups and downs! Happy healing!

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