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“Magic Socks”: a game changer when your immune system needs a “boost”

Updated: Jan 14

When doing a healing protocol like GAPS, mom’s come to me in search of more natural

remedies and therapies to use at home when their child is feeling under the weather or when that dreaded night-time fever spikes.

Wet sock treatment, also known as “magic socks” in our home, is a remedy you will want to add to your toolbox for many years to come. These have become a game changer in our house. When one of our kids gets a cough or cold, they are now the ones asking me, “Mom, can we do our magic socks tonight?” because they know how much it really helps!

What are “Magic Socks”?

They help by stimulating the immune system by increasing circulation. This can be useful if a child (or an adult) has a fever, inflammation, cough, infection, sore throat, headaches/ migraines, congestion, sinus infection, muscle aches/pains and so much more. Wet socks help aid in the healing process.

How does it work?

When placing ice-cold socks on the feet- it makes the feet super cold! The body’s natural response is to try and “warm up” the feet. The brain sends signals to the body to move blood flow to the feet (which helps decrease head and chest congestion). This causes an increase in circulation and movement of blood throughout the body. This increases movement of the lymph and immune cells in the blood to also move throughout the body to help it continue to combat infection.

Essentially, you are enabling the body to use its own natural healing powers. It is said that wet sock treatment works best if performed at the onset of illness and repeated for three nights in a row, or as needed. Many people find the wet socks to have a relaxing mechanism and report they sleep much better during wet sock therapy.

This treatment can be used on the whole family, and it is not just for kids! It’s simple, safe, and effective.

What you will need:

· 1 pair 100% cotton socks

· 1 pair thick wool socks

· Ice

· Water

Magic Socks Directions:

1) Take a nice warm detox bath

2) Get ready for bed like usual

3) Soak a 100% cotton pair of socks in an ice water bath

4) Ring out cotton socks, place on feet

5) Layer over with a pair of dry thick wool socks

6) Go to sleep and wake up with relief and dry tootsies! Encourage the child to try to keep the socks on all night.

Next time you feel run-down or the kids fall ill- let the "magic socks" be your first go-to! This therapy can help eliminate the need for other remedies or medications. This is a great tool for those on any healing protocol!

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