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Persclock is a software program which helps individuals easily view the time (in an analog clock), as well as the date from the Solar Hijri and Gregorian calendar.The Persian Calendar begins on the vernal equinox, containing twelve months, each one corresponding to a zodiac sign. In addition to that, the first six months have 31 days, the following five have 30, while the last month has 29 in usual years, and 30 in leap ones. This type of calendar counts the year of Prophet Muhammad’s migration to Medina (622 CE) as the first year.This utility goes in the system tray, so as not to become obtrusive. Although the calendar will not be displayed on the desktop, you can view the current date by clicking the systray icon.Right-clicking the center of the analog clock, brings up a context menu which enables you to perform certain actions, such as hiding the clock, forcing it to stay on top of other apps, launch at Windows startup and change the language.Aside from that, you can customize the clock’s appearance, seeing that you can show or hide the circle, second hand and points, as well as change colors.Help contents are not provided, yet seeing how easy it is to use the program, it becomes clear that they are not actually needed.In conclusion, Persclock is a useful piece of software that helps you view the time faster and the current date from the Solar Hijri and Gregorian calendar, so that you can keep in touch with your roots, no matter where you are.NetworkNode (also known as a MOSFirewall) is a small utility that lets you quickly and easily configure your Firewall settings. It does this by using the Windows Firewall API to start the MOSFirewall tool.NetworkNode Features: :Support for IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, and ICMP protocolsSupport for Automatic and Manual detection of Firewall rulesSimple rules creation using a GUISimple rules creation using command-lineGreatly reduces the learning curve of firewall configurationPowerful and flexible management of your firewall rulesEasily configured from within Firefox and Internet ExplorerAdd support for Native Client, Microsoft Silverlight, and Adobe Flash Player and create rulesAllows users to easily stop and start a ruleAbility to increase or decrease the number of rules loaded at any given timeSystem Tray IconEasily access the 08929e5ed8

Persclock Crack

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