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The Root of Disease

People are facing many chronic and acute health issues today. Many struggle to explain their health struggles (mental or physical) and feel lost and unsure of where to turn to help alleviate their symptoms.

Traditional medicine’s solution to these health ailments is to prescribe a medication and place a band-aid on the problem. By taking these medications, we create other obstacles, health issues, and side effects. We need to dig deeper to understand and address the underlying root cause of the problem.

Our bodies are ecosystems full of different types of bacteria, both good and bad. The largest colonies of microbes live in our gastrointestinal system. It is estimated that 80-85% of our immune cells are created in the gut. Our gastrointestinal tract should have about 85% of good bacteria and 15% of bad bacteria present. Unfortunately, for most people this is the opposite. When the bad microbes are overrunning the good, it makes sense why we are seeing the overwhelming amount of health issues we are seeing today.

The digestive tract is coated in a beneficial bacterial layer of microorganisms acting as a natural protective physical barrier to outside invaders. If the beneficial bacteria in the gut wall are harmed, it can no longer carry out its defensive duties. This damage can create holes in the gut wall. This allows ample opportunity for invasion from undigested foods, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and potent toxins to be released into the system causing a whirlwind of problems.

There are many neurotoxins that are produced and released into the bloodstream and can be transported to the brain. Dr. Natasha found that most of her autistic clients had abnormal gut flora. When the gut wall is damaged we can see digestive complaints, malabsorption, food intolerances, impaired immune system, skin rashes, headaches, behavioral and learning issues, the list goes on. The extent of damage from these toxins can be very individual.

To be able to truly heal our bodies, we need to heal & seal the gut lining, restore the balance of the microbial ecosystem within our bodies, and address the underlying issues of our damaged physiological system. This can be accomplished with the GAPS diet, which most people can find benefit from. We know that the body cannot function without a well-functioning digestive system. Restoring our gut ecosystem holds the roots of our health.

We are on this journey of restoring our health together. Please contact me today to learn how the GAPS diet can help benefit you

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