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Managing Anxiety & Negative Emotions: Homeopathy & Bach Flower Remedies

Anxiety is a crippling disorder that impacts many people. I was one of those people. This can be mild anxiety where one may feel worried or concerned in a social situation or before taking a test. On the other end of the spectrum, one's anxiety can be so crippling that they are unable to leave home due to different fears. No matter how mild or severe, it can take a toll on your life. Most anxiety issues can be resolved by going on the GAPS diet when we seal and heal the gut wall and remove toxins due to our gut-brain-connection. Other times, anxiety can still be lurking despite cleaning up the diet. That is when homeopathic remedies come in hand.

There are many deficiencies that are interconnected with anxiety. It can be related to magnesium deficiency, a deficiency in B vitamins, an iodine deficiency, or due to the microbial imbalance causing a leaky gut. Some homeopathic remedies that can be used for anxiety include Ignatia amara, which can be useful for nervousness, and being hypersensitivity related to daily stress. Another option is Arsenicum album, which is useful for exhaustion, restlessness, fever, and diarrhea.

Today we will talk in more detail about Bach Flower Remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies were founded by Dr. Edward Bach from 1920-1930’s. He was a British Physician who began to look to healing flowers in nature. He saw disease as an end-product and a physical manifestation of fear, worry, and unhappiness. He discovered a total of 38 flowers and plants that he prepared, which became the Bach Flower Remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies are a homeopathic medication. They are completely safe and natural. Dr. Bach advised that they are enough to remove all negative emotional problems. “They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.”

Bach Flower remedies can be helpful during pregnancy and for children. Pregnancy can be a time of a wide range of emotional ups and downs and can help to restore the mind and mediate fatigue, feeling of fear, and overwhelm. The Rescue Remedy & Walnut have been used during labor. In terms of pregnancy & breastfeeding, you should always check with your doctor first. For children, they can be helpful for shyness, tantrums, fears, and nightmares. They can even be used for pets.

If you are not sure which remedy is right for you, that is okay. They are 100% natural and safe. There is no way to overdose. It is best to take the remedy over a period of time to see benefit. If you are taking the wrong remedy, nothing will happen, you just may not see improvement in the symptom you are trying to address. Some people will take a combination of 2 or 3 different remedies, others may take up to 12 or 13! There are many different books available online for more in-depth information on these remedies.

Take 4 drops of your Bach Flower Remedy four times a day until you feel better. You can also take them as often as needed while you are experiencing the emotion or symptom. You can add the drops to one teaspoon of water or another drink, or you can put them directly in your mouth.

Aspen: is used for when you have a nagging feeling that something terrible is going to happen, but unclear what exactly. This can happen any time of day or night. The fears are unknown and they feel like something bad is going to happen. They sometimes also suffer from night terrors. Click here.

Beech: This is for those who need more tolerance towards other people, events, and situations. They need to see more good in what surrounds them and be more understanding and tolerant of those people or situations. Click here.

Centaury: This is for people who are kind, quiet, and gentle and are anxious to serve others. Their good-hearted nature leads them to do more than they should. They have a hard time saying no, are passive, and quiet. They are easily imposed on. Click here.

Cerato: This is used for people who feel anxious in situation they are not sure of where they have to make their own decisions. They often struggle to make their own decisions and seek advise from others. They do not trust their own decision- making. Click here.

Cherry Plum: This is used for those who have impulsive thoughts to do terrible things, but do not act out on these thoughts usually. They fear losing their mental capacity. Click here.

Chestnut Bud: This is used for people who do not learn from their own life experiences. They do not learn from their own mistakes and continue to repeat the same behavior. They often repeat the mistake several times before learning their lesson. Click here.

Chicory: This is used for those who are mindful in caring for others. They can find themselves trying to manipulate and control their loved ones. Always trying to correct others. Click here.

Clematis: This is used for people who are quiet and not really happy in their current circumstances. They live more in the future than the present. They do a lot of daydreaming and have trouble paying attention. When they are ill they do not give much effort to getting better. Click here.

Crab Apple: This is used for those who feel there is something not clean about themselves. They feel anxiety about their uncleanliness or the thing they feel needs to be cured. This is a cleansing remedy. The person often feels like they have been poisoned and the poison must be removed. Click here.

Elm: This is used for those who are following the calling on their life and seeking to do something of importance to benefit the rest of the world. They may go through periods of depression and feel the task is too hard and that they do not have the capability. Click here.

Gentian: This is used for those who are easily discouraged. Any small delay or hindrance in their progress causes them to doubt themselves and soon disheartens them. Click here.

Gorse: This is used for those who feel hopeless and despair. They feel there is not hope left for them. They have to be persuaded to pursue different treatments. Click here.

Heather: This is used for those who have a desire for companionship of anyone who may be available to them. They have the need to discuss their personal mattes with others and it does not matter who it is. They do not like to be alone for any length of time. Attention seeking. Click here.

Holly: This is for those who deal with feelings of anxiety, envy, suspicion, and needing more compassion. They often find they are feeling as though they are suffering when there is no real cause to their unhappiness. Click here.

Honeysuckle: This is for those who are living in the past. This can be a time of happiness or memories of a long-lost friend or family member, or dreams that have not come true. They expect more happiness than what they have. Click here.

Hornbeam: This is for those who feel like they do not have enough strength physically or mentally to carry the burdens of life. Every day seems too much for them. They often have lack of enthusiasm to go anywhere or engage in activities. Click here.

Inpatiens: This is for those who are impatient and rush into things without hesitation or delay. They find it very difficult to be patient. They prefer to work alone so they can go at their own speed. They think and act quickly. Click here.

Larch: This is for those who lack confidence and avoid situations where they may have to perform as they expect failure. They feel they will never succeed. This can be used for someone anticipating a big test, speech, going on stage, etc. Click here.

Mimulus: This is used for those who have fear of known things. Such as being alone, fear of spiders, fear of the dark, etc. Shyness is considered a known fear. They may become anxious and shake when confronted. They generally keep their fears to themself. Click here.

Mustard: This is for those who feel gloom, despair, or like there is a dark cloud hanging over them. It is almost impossible for them to feel happy. They feel depressed for no apparent reason. Click here.

Oak: This is for those are fighting and struggling to get well. They try one thing after the other. Even if things seem hopeless, they continue fighting. They are brave and continue struggling even though they are exhausted. Click here.

Olive: This is for those who have suffered mentally or physically. They are exhausted and have little to no strength left to make an effort. Click here.

Pine: This is for those who tend to blame themselves. They think they could have done better or did something differently. They are never happy with their own decisions. Click here.

Red Chestnut: This is for those who feel anxious and concerned for other (not themselves). Click here.

Rock Rose: This is an emergency remedy when they have reached a point where they feel there is no hope. This may be due to a sudden illness or an accident. They feel scare and frightened. They feel a sense of terror. Click here.

Rock Water: This is used for those who are very strict in how they live. They are perfectionist. They often set too high of standards for themselves. They will do anything to achieve this, for example someone who over-exercises to stay strong and active. Click here.

Scleranthus: This is used for those who suffer from being able to not make a decision between two things. They are often quiet and do not tell others about their issues. They may not eat or sleep because of it. Click here.

Star of Bethlehem: This is used for those who have suffered trauma or post-traumatic stress from a traumatic experience. This may produce unhappiness. Click here.

Sweet Chestnut: This is used for those who feel a sense of great anguish that seems unbearable. They feel hopeless despair and intense sorrow. Click here.

Vervain: This is used for people who feel they are always right and are usually unwilling to change. They are strong willed and enthusiastic. Click here.

Vine: This is for people who tend to know more than everyone else and put others down. They think It would be of benefit for others if they can be persuaded to do things as they do them. Click here.

Water Violet: This is used for those who prefer to be along in health or illness. They can appear to be anti-social and feel lonely. They can be stand-offish and lack affection. Click here.

White Chestnut: This is used for those who may struggle to sleep due to racing thoughts. These thoughts can cause unpleasant feelings which interferes with them enjoying their day. Click here.

Wild Rose: This is used for those who take life as it comes. They do not try to improve things and lack energy and motivation. Click here.

Willow: This is used for those who have suffered misfortune and do not accept it. They feel like this was unfairly done to them. They often display a “poor me” attitude, are irritable, bitter, and complain often. Click here.

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