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Gift Guide for the GAPS Diet

There is no better way to kick off the Christmas season than a GAPS Christmas Gift Guide! It can be a little terrifying shopping for a loved one or even yourself on the GAPS diet protocol. But have no fear, there are numerous gift options for this unique protocol! You are sure to find something here to spark your imagination or you may just find the perfect gift right here!

GAPS Gift Guide:

Filtered water is an essential. There is no better investment than a Berkey Water Filter System! It is one of the best water purification systems on the market. It filters out viruses, arsenic, bacteria, mercury, lead, and chlorine just to name a few. Most importantly, it keeps the beneficial minerals intact! This is definitely worth every penny. Eventually I want to buy their travel Berkey! Tell your husbands this is what you want for Christmas this year! (Here.)

The Excalibur Dehydrator has been on my wish list for quite some time. It is also a pretty expensive gift, but it is one of those investments you will find you will use all of the time. This can be used to make homemade yogurt, dried fruit, raise bread, nuts, the list goes on! This one is the best on the market and I am told it is worth every penny.

In need of a new blender? This one is on the more expensive side but its value is worth it. The Vitamix is an essential tool in the kitchen that will be used often. This can be used to make smoothies, nut milks, lara bars, you name it. It works better than a regular blender like a Ninja and blends things more finely. It is also known to last for a very long time and the extra price tag makes this a good investment. This is also on my wish list this year!

There is no greater gift than a unique way to change things up on the dinner table. Making veggie noodles is a fantastic way to do this. It is a great grain-free option, while providing you with wonderful nutrition. We have tried this spiralizer and it is very easy to use and works great.

Everyone loves a new GAPS friendly cookbook with new recipes to explore. There are a handful that I love and use personally, but I would say that these are my top two favorites as of lately here and here. Most recipes in these books are GAPS approved or require only one or two swaps to make them GAPS friendly. These are both great options especially if one is on the Full GAPS diet.

Looking for a new book to read? Dr. Natasha’s new book is out and available and it is bounding with a sea of information you are going to want to gobble up (Here). Another book you are going to want to have handy if you are working through the Introduction Diet is Becky Plotner’s book, you will want to have this in your back pocket for all the questions you may have are answered in here!

Every GAPS foodie will appreciate some new glass storage containers for all of their nutritious leftovers. What I love most about these is that they are freezer and dishwasher safe. The best part is you can remove the lid and re-heat your food in the oven and you have no fear of any harsh chemicals seeping into your food that should not belong!

Cast iron bakeware is a nice addition to the cupboards. We want to remove all toxic cooking materials and cast iron is a simple and easily accessible replacement. There are a wide variety of pans and pot style skillets. This would definitely make a great gift.

If you are looking for something that you know will be used on repeat, you are going to want to buy a good food processor. I use mine daily. Do not skimp on a small one, I can almost promise you are going to want a big enough food processor as you are going to want to make things in bulk! This one is my favorite.

Another great gift would be an ice cream maker for GAPS approved treats. They are simple and easy to use and is a great gift for the GAPS kitchen. This one is my favorite because it is good quality and does not break the bank.

Everyone loves some new kitchen essentials. When on the GAPS diet, you often find you spend a lot of time cooking and baking. Having basic essentials are an absolute must, but also make great gifts! These glass mixing bowls are on my list this year!

Gift ideas for Children on GAPS

I will list a few non-toxic favorite kitchen items we use for our kids and love! We love these high-quality stainless steel plates for our little ones. We have had them for quite some time and they are holding up very well. We also have and love these insulated stainless steel bowls. We use these children’s utensils and they have lasted forever! You will definitely feel good about having high quality items you know will not add to the toxic load on the body. I searched high and low for the best cups for toddlers and kids. These mason jar cups are by far my favorite. Yes, they are glass, but the silicone holder has prevented any possible breaks! The best part is you can switch out the mason jars if needed! There is also have a set of stainless steel cups in a smaller size. These are another great option or these. I have always been a little bit leery on most kids sippy travel cups, all of the little crevasses you cannot get into and clean properly, you know there has to be creepy critters that grow in there! That is why my newest favorite on-the-go cup is the kid’s Thermos brand cup. Each mouth piece comes off which you can see and it gets cleaned thoroughly. I did see in some of the reviews that the bottom rubber portion can get mold underneath, but when it comes to this it does not bother me nearly as much as other cups because that is not the part the kids are drinking out of! Does your little one love to help you cook your GAPS food in the kitchen? This children’s baking apron is adorable and the price is great!

Looking for some smaller gift ideas or the perfect stocking stuffer?

A new pack of wide-mouth mason jars is always an easy and practical gift idea. Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids (Here.) A new fine mesh strainer for making meat stock and many other things. This nylon mesh strainer is a must-have for making kefir! It is always important to have good quality stainless steel kitchen items, here are some great measuring spoons and measuring cups. This garlic press would make a great stocking stuffer as garlic is used often on GAPS in soups and meals. These glass measuring cups are a kitchen staple. Have someone who is always on the go? This makes such a great and easy gift, an adult size stainless steel tumbler. This tumbler is my favorite and keeps things hot and cold for a very long time (I personally think they work better than many more expensive tumblers on the market and you cannot beat this price!)

I hope this list is a helpful tool to get you started. I do not receive any commission for any of the items share here. I share because I care about you and these are products that I love or know I’d love. Shopping and buying a gift for someone on the GAPS diet can be daunting. I have so many different fabulous gift ideas for the GAPS foodie, but it would be hard to list them all here and I hope this is a good start! If you have any favorite GAPS gift ideas that you think should be added to this list, please message me or comment below!

I hope that you found this guide helpful so you can sit back and relax a little bit more this Christmas season!

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